things that were good about my Friday.

a lazy non-alarm-clock start to the day……amen!
catching up on the world, via my copy of the church times. Ancient-future, sort-of!
making cups of tea for my poorly wife.
having a giggle with my sister on the phone, as her three gorgeous children navigate our childhood home!
a meandering walk through Shoreditch to drink flat-white goodness at Paper and Cup.
my lovely wife’s first making of a cherry madeira cake – result.
the sweet goodness of Foye Vance’s, melancholic ‘joy of nothing.
avoiding that dark, treacherous rain of late June!
great book reading, in the company of Lamott, Pritchard, Stott, Fee & McKnight
ok too many chocolate nibbles, when review writing.
being invited to join a facebook group, called ‘holy feminist’?!
catching up with emails from friends and a few circulars including this giggle!
a couple of intense episodes from the compelling Scandal series 2: what a team!
some stringy-cheese topped, left-over spaghetti-bolognese and talking around ‘the tested genuineness of your faith’ 1 Peter 1 v7. I am a thankful soul.