Here’s some of my wrestles with the immensity of John 17 v 6-19 today! I was seeking to explore how the Holy Spirit sanctifies. Here’s the 26minute ramble itself.

Too often we try to ‘use God’ to change our circumstances, while He is all the time using our circumstances to change us.

John 17 is “perhaps the most sacred passage of the four Gospels” ++ William Temple

Being changed, being holy, made like Jesus: is God’s will for us.
“passing out of the self-life into the Christ-life!”

Desire God more: Meditate on the truth of Jesus: Exercise daily faith: Entertain no doubt of God’s love and kindness: Ask that God roots you in His truth. Love sin less and love God more.

1. Prayer: Call out “Abba” – Spend time up close and personal with God.

2. Reason: The mission at the heart of it all. Jesus gave His followers eternal life. – Not just information, but a knowing!

3. Simplicity: The depth, mystery and impact of following Jesus – “Making home with Jesus!” John 14v23.

4. Changed lives: You and I were never meant to be stuck. Changed and ever changing……..Jesus asks his heavenly Father to “sanctify them in the truth.” verse 17  So it is for us!

Mind, heart and will all combine… that we might seek God.
The word of God is the vocabulary of the Holy Spirit. So in knowing it…..we know life!

Read, apply, trust and obey……read, apply, trust and obey……and repeat!

For encountering God is what you are made for!