Help, Thanks, Wow, by Anne Lamott from Riverhead Books is 4 star quality.

For me the best prayers are sincere and short! Anne Lamott would seem to agree.

Story, reflection and insight are the mainstay of this compact volume full of wisdom. It’s poetic, meandering and an easy two hour read. As Lamott describes it, asking ‘help’ is about the courage to stop, gratitude in time results in changed behaviour and ‘wow’ is the recognition that God keeps on giving.

This is an accessible and fresh guide to prayer, attractive packaged in a coffee-table style volume. Ideal for those unfamiliar with faith. A winsome, fresh and provocative book worth reading, as is all of Lamott’s writing.

The simplicity of these three prayers opens the complexity of our lives, our relationships, and our world into our messiest places and our greatest needs. Like good hygiene, prayer must be repeated until it becomes habit, not because we can get our way, or can change God, but so God can change us, so we can “pray constantly between bouts of trying to live life on life’s terms.”

You and I could well do with more ‘help, thanks and wow’ prayers.