for your heart and life…… If you’re open to books: then The Wall around your Heart, by Mary DeMuth is well-worth a read.

We become so easily defended.

Life hurts us, we feel pain, and we struggle.

We default to self-protection. So what do we do with hurting lives and raw situations? Mary DeMuth offers beautiful narrative, flowing prose and Christ-loving beats on every page. The call to open-hearted living is foundational to this compelling new book. The gap between the aspiration of scripture and reality of experience is brilliantly and challenging straddled. One particular favourite for me was the ‘I-am-awful Kingdom’ section. There is much unique pastoral wisdom throughout this beautiful new offering from DeMuth. “Its counterintuitive to praise God when people hurt us, but it’s the best thing we can do!”

Deep emotion, challenging experiences and well know scripture engage with ancient-future approaches to the faith. All are enlivened and full of God’s grace and redemption. Each paragraph feels loving crafted for the blessing and hope of Mary’s readers. You are in the safe, courageous company of a faithful and weathered soul. This book is full of resilient hope and radiant healing. Dense theology its not, but I’d dare you’ll not find a more helpful guide to the Lord’s Prayer.


“Real emotion and life-giving scripture here in Mary DeMuth’s great new title.”

” A voice to trust: a confident sign-post to the healing beauty that comes in Jesus.”

“The oldest prayer comes alive through the power of the Holy Spirit and Mary’s writing gift. Every page beats with life and fresh hope!”