The God of Intimacy & Action: by Tony Campolo & Mary Albert Darling, from SPCK is 5 star quality!

Work and rest in God can coexist. Serving is possible without the soul becoming dry. As the authors co-write, “The ultimate purpose for mystically intimate experiences with Christ is to make us into persons through whom God can transform the world that is into the world that God intends it to be.”

Evangelism and justice are given a masterful working with the challenge to recognise that we cannot live the Christian life without making radical change. The chapter on mysticism and the desire for a holistic gospel offers something quite unique. Darling integrates three Biblical disciplines for regular practice: Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer, and the Prayer of Examen.

Old fathers and mothers of the faith are sought as examples for their wisdom and faithfulness. This is not just an inspirational book; it is a textbook on the mystical path. It instructs the reader in practical ways to fuel intimacy.

Language, perspective and emphasis may provoke and irritate, but this is a weighty and rich work that testifies to the wholeness and health of uniting proximity and service with and for God in His world.

Many Christians across the breadth of traditions who have long had this nagging suspicion that there is more to faith than right doctrine and right living will benefit greatly from this title. Here Campolo and Darling urge that we incorporate Ignatian practices into daily life as should those whose work for social justice has lost its spiritual steam. Those who already follow these three contemplative practices will likely find enough here to enhance further their spiritual lives. There is simply no other book out there that presents contemplative practice in the context of evangelism and justice; this is one of those sorely needed books whose time has finally arrived.

Weighty words but everso worth the effort.