glorious books…..

heres what I’ve been reading in the second quarter of 2013. It adds to what I’ve read earlier. All good stuff, with the best titles bolded, yes as ever not enough novels, but do I have the time and patience?! And the numbers are for a reading collective I’m a part of.

What are you reading? what would you sugguest from what you’ve enjoyed…….?

  1. Second Corinthians Commentary by Scott J Hafemann 508
  2. The Art of Pastoring by David Hansen (revised ed) 219
  3. The invested life by Rosenberg & Koshy 278
  4. The terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket 262
  5. What we talk about when we talk about God by Rob Bell 208
  6. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown 263
  7. Taking God Seriously by Jim Packer 164
  8. Finding Hope & Meaning in Suffering by Trystan Owain Hughes 101
  9. Next Christians by Gabe Lyons 256
  10. Servant Ministry by Tony Horsfall 144
  11. CS Lewis; Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet by Alistair McGrath 448
  12. Stephen King on writing 367
  13. The church Jesus prayed for, by Michael Cassidy 416
  14. Letters to a young pastor, by Calvin Miller 248
  15. Deeply Loved by Kerri Wyatt Kent 193
  16. Sensing Jesus by Zach Eswine 300
  17. Choose Joy by Kay Warren 254
  18. The Journey of Ministry by Eddie Gibbs 181
  19. The Disciple by Lucy Peppiatt 159
  20. Release by Flora Slossan Wuellner 125
  21. What they didn’t teach you at seminary, by James Emery White 184
  22. Be still my soul by Nancy Guthrie 170
  23. Basic Christianity by John Stott 192
  24. Making Manifest by Dave Harrity 183
  25. The God of intimacy and action by Campolo & Darling 276
  26. The utter relief of holiness, by John Eldredge 192
  27. Living Faithfully, John Pritchard 192
  28. Speaking the truth, Sam Wells 196
  29. Primitive Piety, by Ian Stackhouse 160
  30. The gift of being yourself, David Benner 108
  31. Diary of a greedy man in a hungry world, Jay Rainer. 288

31 books, 7,235 pages. 2013 total to date:- 65 books 14,017pages.  All proper books with real  paper pages!