The second half of Luke 4 is quite something. It’s abrupt, uneasy and challenging.

I brought this passage to our lunchtime congregation, unpacking verses 14-30. Here’s some of what I think I said.

Here is Jesus at his uncontainable provocative best. Nazareth moves from welcoming the popular, to rejecting, to outright attacking-wrong. A good start ends very badly. Jesus moves from the local-boy-makes-good, to opposed and then evicted!

This pattern and example comes to us with all of its implications. And around the edges of the well-known manifesto of Jesus, I find myself asking: ‘where Lord Jesus, do I meet you today?’

Here’s my three big ideas….
Place devotion to God, above the acceptance of  people at all times. v14 & v22.
Realise that sometimes serving the Lord will make other people cross. v28 and more!
Be reminded that God’s protection is always assured. v30.
Here’s to not being Nazareth-like-people in our rejection of Jesus! Here’s to the challenge, the gift and the messy grace of life with Jesus.