As part of our ‘Simply Jesus’ preaching series at church, here are some of the parts of what I brought today from Matthew 11 v 1-11. Here’s the audio recording.

Frederick Buechner says this in his book, Peculiar Treasures: “Where John preached grim justice and pictured God as a steely-eyed thresher of grain, Jesus preached forgiving love and pictured God as the host at a marvellous party or a father who cannot bring, himself to throw his children out even when the spit in his eye. Where John said people had better save their skins before it was too late. Jesus said it was God who saved their skins, and even if you blew your whole bankroll on wild living like the Prodigal Son, it still wasn’t too late. Where John ate locusts and honey in the wilderness with the church crowd, Jesus ate what he felt like in Jerusalem with as sleazy a bunch as you could expect to find.”

Jesus was telling them, “Look around you at the evidence, and decide for yourselves. What does the evidence show?” Jesus did not fit John’s expectations, but Jesus said loud and clear through His actions that He was the Messiah. In our text, we see what happens when we lose heart and how we might overcome it.

1. Obvious doubt – Matthew. 11 v 1-3
Not faith without doubt, but faith within doubts.

2. Clear evidence – Matthew 11 v 4-6
The changed lives of people, is the ultimate evidence for the power of Jesus!

3. Great encouragement – Matthew 11 v 7-11
Go to Jesus: sit with Jesus in the stillness. v 2b-3a
Remember the God of your youth. v 4
Remember your salvation and blessings. v 5

There will be times when we doubt. 2+2 seems to be 5!
If doubt is real for John the Baptist it’ll happen to you & me. When you have doubts, it is safe to bring those to Jesus.

“We have twenty-five pence–and all the promises of God!” Hudson Taylor
“I’m now building my whole life on the truth of these three words: ‘Jesus is Lord.’” a friend
“When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.” Corrie Ten Boom

Doubts are real: faith sees the way, for Jesus is real and God is faithful.