OK never judge a book by its cover: but you’re allowed to judge the cover right?! Sadly the ugliness of this book is unavoidable. Here we have a super little volume packed with fresh, creative and engaging faith. The likes of which rarely comes along, and is also worthy of your confidence for the neighbour, friend or colleague who isn’t yet persuaded by Jesus.

Strickland & Court write comprehensively with generous and faithful insight. Life, scripture and playfulness are entwined. They work with the original languages to dig deep and ask fresh questions of our faithful God. As is recorded midway:- “Jesus barges in on karma with grace. He offers us new life.” There’s no pretending this book is a main course but it is winsome and wise, leaving the reader with a hunger for Jesus.

Strickland & Court offer us an appreciated and brilliant little volume.
I think I mentioned that the appearance, font, styling and look of the book is offputting: a relic of the tasteless 1980s! Oh that LionHudson had done better on this. I’ll courageously honour the content and imagine there was better packaging, for Strickland & Court offer us the loving giver of true life and that’s priceless.

Rightly indeed; some kind of boundless!