Here’s some of what today taught me.

From early morning reading by John Piper in Taste and See, “…..That God is love unleashes the impulse of simplicity, and that God is God unleashes the impulse of complexity.”
Vestments were a warm addage to our Book of Common Prayer, Communion!
Preaching Luke 19, in Trinity 10…..broke me afresh with the concept of ‘eido.’ Not looking casually but looking deeply: seeing as Jesus saw.
Breakfast conversational goodness with some of this congregation, again so full of life and faith.
In our second service, the reminder of the key metaphors used by Jesus in Luke’s gospel: journey and meals.
“There is still room in the house of God……” God wants His house to be full.
Prayer ministry, holy moments, healing, tears and renewed hope resulting!
Third formal act of worship was an late afternoon home based gathering of friends and family. Powerful witness, courageous faith and lots of immense garden conversations with folks.
I’m almost hoarse but a thankful, weary soul.
Oh and venison burgers are very good!