away time in the countryside was so restorative.
The unique goodness of never being further than 16miles from a coastline……
Eating that Cornish pastie surrounded by beautiful scenery spiked plenty of facebook interest!
Lots of amazing quality food, the art scene and wonderful friends in great weather makes for a great combination, right?!
Cornwall is arguably the most beautiful county in the country.
Seven-hours of a return-road trip isn’t!
Body-boarding at Lizard Point, seamless conversations with dear friends sharing deep vulnerability, much laughter and courageous challenge is precious.
That sticky Lamb dish at Tabbs in Truro, was possibly one of the best Lamb dishes I’ve ever eaten!
I never get bored of seeing people enjoying themselves worshipping the King! Rend Collective goodness.
Dipping in and out of the WCGLS conference twitter feed. Another post on this here.
This fresh video from Jefferson Bethke, on what it means to be fully human.
‘Flags, parades and all the past, to be sorted by Christmas’….. it could only be Northern Ireland. Lord hear and answer our prayers.
from Julie’s morning service, leading of prayers:- “Transform our lives to care more and fear less”
Pieter-Bas preached Mark 7 about the Pharisees, the crowd and the disciples. Our response to the invitation of Jesus is the most important thing in the world. I felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit: “Don’t be shy!”
An early morning walk to Columbia Road, to treat my wife to a bunch of sunflowers.
From @Alan_Scott “Cynicism reveals an absence of character. Hope reflects character that is growing. A believer who doesn’t get their hopes up is an oxymoron.”
Great Sunday lunch-table conversations. Does formation ever get better than this way?
I am humbled and thankful………