times with my Noah & Esther around and about. Such a treat and the delight of doing life at a different speed-setting.

Eating, laughing and chatting incessantly. 
Going back continually to get free samples of Cinnamon and Sugar pretzels!
Entering a – build the car the fastest- competition. We made the scoreboard, but didn’t win. 
Playing with Zack, Finley and Martha – in the sprinkler on their extensive gardens.
Smart hair and new clothes treats.
My almost knee-calamity for fear of squashing Martha’s oversized, French snail, Molly!
Realising how fierce I can be about boy racers when my children are at risk.
Playing shuffle on Noah and Esther’s music when we’re altogether, with the volume up loud.
Catching up with the Adkins family in the goodness of the Kent countryside.
Enjoying late-night toasted marshmallows over an open fire!
Reflecting on our stories and tracing where Gods been at work in our lives. Humbling.
Needing Noah to explain what was going on in the movie, Oblivion!
Having a confident son with style and swagger and a new pair of skinny green jeans.
I am thankful……….
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