“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 – a verse we’re familiar with and one oft quoted during rare times of stillness in sung worship. But even then the stillness is fleeting. Life continues at its relentless pace and as the weeks roll by into months and so quickly years how do we be still and know he is God?

Last week I visited a prayer retreat in Wales on the side of valley that has eighty people living within a two mile radius of it! It was the peace and the stillness that hit me. I realised just how noisy, chaotic, cluttered and frankly unnatural our lives are. You see it’s not just the noise, it’s the fact that I’m never still even if I try to shut out the noise. I’m on my phone responding to messages, checking the news or playing on apps – not an option when you have no mobile signal let alone any 3G up the side of a Welsh valley!

Cut off from my virtual world and virtual community forced me to connect with the real world and as a result God! Not that I try to avoid him but having nothing to distract you means you have to deal with him and what he may or may not say about you! Yet I found that in the stillness and in the peace it was so easy to know he is God and to start seeing my life the way he does – that the things I worry about he is big enough to deal with, the doubts I have he is loving enough to assuage and that my desire to know him is so much smaller than his desire to be known.

Going to a Welsh valley from London every time I want to be still and know he is God isn’t possible sadly but it has challenged me to work out what regular times of stillness look like for me.

What might it look like for you to be able to be still and know he is God?

*This is a guest post exploring growth and learning. Peter Lynch is a leader at LifeGiving Church in Ealing. In his spare time he is a Languages teacher at a secondary school in West London.