Packing Light is a new release title from Allison Vesterfelt.
This is a powerful travel memoir full of restlessness, soul and spirit.

The road is the journey, and this is where the real joy is found. It’s heartfelt, warm and full of wisdom. Her meandering voice is worthy companionship in this fifty-state journey.

Vesterfelt’s handling of temporality and ambiguity is one of the things I most appreciate about the book. It’s written well with good humour, lots of detail, compelling descriptions and rich narrative.

The big idea is found most clearly in the closing sentences:- “Your life is waiting. But your arms are full of stuff. We all have baggage of one kind or another. Will you put yours down to go on a trip? Trust me—you won’t come home the same.” These words felt most true. I wanted more of this velocity and conviction.

The story detail of Ally’s life and love hint at greater authenticity and heart. So here’s to that ‘Sacred Romance’ title to follow! Adventure, travelling light and insight abound in this attractive, pacey title. This is a talented voice on her authorial book debut. In this you’ll get drawn into a bigger, braver, bolder world.


Other quotable quotes I gathered up from this read.

“This is why we can’t measure the value of our decisions based on outcomes. Most of life is not an outcome. Most of life is unfolding on the road in front of us. The ‘outcome’ can change as fast as the scenery.”

“When we become who God meant us to be all along, we leave a wake of His presence behind us.”

“Everything was intentional. Everything had purpose. Each piece was nestled against the other like a jigsaw puzzle.”

“It’s not like God is playing chicken with us; it’s just that He wants us to lean into Him, to trust ourselves a little more and to trust Him.”