Great conversations, depth, frustration, pain, hope and confidence in Jesus, were all part of life today with others.
I was challenged as to how worry for each of us, wars with our trust in God.
Still thankful for the privilege of yesterdays wedding, and the gift of preaching 1 Corinthians 13. Love is indispensable, love is action, love enables us to move from childhood to adulthood and love reminds us what is most important.
This morning having a great wrestle with Matthew 10 v 1-20, an immense passage. I preached a six-pointer: So keep moving, trust God and if in doubt – look up more than you look around! Serve Jesus wholeheartedly in your world, without shame or awkwardness, knowing that one day you will see your reward in full.
Being true to yourself isn’t enough: Victoria Coren’s brilliant article captures this well.
Lots of afternoon motown tunes = pure sound happiness!
I’m so struck that the work of salvation could be accomplished only by Jesus Christ. But the witness of salvation can only be accomplished by His people in the power of the Holy Spirit.
The smile during post-church ‘preaching feedback’ that I get my “you and I’s” versus “you and me” muddled up apparently. If only just that!
A dirty sausage and bacon toasted ciabatta roll…..enough said!
And more great conversations before the dawning of annual leave. Thankful.