I made it to the Psalms in my reading plan a month or two ago. Of them all, Psalm 51 v 12 stayed with me. Return unto me the joy of your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit.

I remember singing this Psalm in Sunday School. I knew the background to this Psalm: David + Bathsheba x Nathan = repentance.

I had head knowledge and a certain appreciation for the Psalm but I’d never lived this Psalm: it meant very little to my heart.

And then I was knocked off my bike.

Not to worry, I am absolutely okay – I even had the up-shoot of thinking I was invincible for a day or two! However, what’s come of that experience is a daily prayer of thanks every time I park my bike. A thanks that I haven’t been squished on the side of the road, or become one of London’s growing statistics en route to the office. This habit, similar I suppose to giving God thanks for food. has spilled into other aspects of my life and I’m beginning to see that the application of this verse is something that must occur daily, at least for me.

The world makes us weary. London makes us weary with a touch of cynicism to boot. Whether I’m willing to admit this to myself or not, I need a daily renewing of the joy of His salvation in order to be joyful in His creation and in my walk with Him. My blasé cynicism is not a Scots trait, it’s a quenching of the joy of my salvation. One that needs to go.

In giving thanks for a safe journey every day, I’ve become more aware and more thankful of the wonders of the everyday in East London. I get off my bike, say thanks to God for a safe ride and the thankfulness seems to spill out on the walk from my bike to the office. I’m thankful for: the sunshine, the polite chap who serves my coffee, the ‘Big Issue’ seller who wishes me a Good Morning…and on and on it goes.

Somewhere in all of this, my thankfulness has become joy and I’m starting to get Psalm 51 v 12.

*This is a guest post exploring growth and learning. Rachel Morgan is 25; knitter; cyclist; Christian; yogi; courgette cake baker; matcha drinker; HUGE Alan Spence fan; and wormery advocate!