Truth or Gospel?

This is the battleground of our faith. In truth, I long for certainty, to be right, to be in control, and all religions doctrines, theology and ‘biblical’ assurances seem to sate these desires. Yet it leaves me hidden and doesn’t heal the wounds that I carry so deeply.

Yet the Gospel offers me no answers, no tidy one line slogans, no systematic theories and no guarantee of safety… it is a way, and a hard narrow way at that. A way that reveals our fears and pain that goes into darkness and ultimately death… it hurts like hell but is where heaven can be found and it’s founder, the truth, the healer, the Christ.

Take up your cross and follow if you dare or, if you are like me, theres no other way.

*This is a guest post. Michael is an awkward character that is constantly out of place. He’s training to be a vicar and longs to see church start businesses that bring faith to daily life. He uncomfortably lives between the two worlds of business and the church.
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