I’m not checking into facebook so much but scrolling moreso at speed over my twitter feed. One of it’s quirks and delights is the way it doesnt take itself too seriously. It communicates, update, is great for breaking news and the humour conveyed is mostly great! Here’s some of my favourites from a great #AddaWordRuinaMovie thread, that rumbled on, and on……..

@VanMartinDesign: Prosthetic Footloose
@SiShorten: One flew Ryanair over the cuckoos nest
@AverageMorm: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction
@realabrahamlim: Schindler’s Grocery List
@AverageMorm: How to potty train your dragon
@thaRadBrad: Pillow Fight Club
@Rubydynasty: The Winter Olympics Of Our Discontent, and
@loswhit: Left Calvinists Behind!!

And then the very obvious extension that emerged regarding Christian book publications and the @AJWTheology summary: “His favourite three from #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook: Blue Like Jazz Hands, Crazy Love Handles and Christ Plays Accordions in 10,000 Places!!”