At church, I’m teaching an overview of Nehemiah today, as part of our ‘Called to be!’ series. Nehemiah’s an all-time favourite for me. There’s so many big and important personal themes in this. Trust, prayer and action are so powerfully seen in Nehemiah’s life. Through the Holy Spirit, that’s possible for you and me too!

Again I’m humbled at how God’s word speaks to so very many parts of our lives…..Here’s the audio file for your listening!

Authentic renewal only comes through our response to God’s revelation of Himself in the Scriptures, because of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s made possible because of the Holy Spirit.
Here’s some of what I’m going to sugguest Nehemiah might mean for us.

1. When the stakes are high: pray, plan and trust God.
2. When afraid to serve: serve anyway.
3. When told to speak, pray first.
4. When sacrifice calls for the best, volunteer.
5. When the task is big:- plan big, and ask in faith.
6. When God wants you, don’t imitate someone else.
7. When opposition comes, close your mouth and open your eyes.
8. When it is time to speak, trust God’s people with the truth.
9. When unbelief mocks, stand firm!