Listen to these words from JD Greear.

“We [can] substitute all kinds of cosmetic change for true heart change. We encourage people to pursue new and better spiritual gifts. We tell them to recover ancient devotional techniques. We try to beef them up on a particular doctrinal system, as if more correct facts will do the trick in itself.

We tell them to show audacious, mountain-moving faith in prayer. We tell them to get radically committed to the Great Commission. These things all have their place ___ but [what we may be] doing is piling superficial changes onto a heart that doesn’t really love God. None of those things can produce love for God.____ Only the gospel can._____”

The good news Gospel is that we don’t need to do anything to save ourselves, that things that we have trusted in and been failed by were never and will never satisfy. It has been done – our rescue has been made possible for us through the uniqueness of Christ’s death.

Only when we take this good news into our hearts and give back to God everything we have ever been given, only then when we stand before him with nothing left to give. Then the gospel will have done its greatest work in our lives.

This is then how we are most present to others – we are not self absorbed.
This is when we are free to engage – our pride is not in the way.
This is when we have a gospel to proclaim with life and word.

For even when we have nothing, in Christ we have everything….