It’s been the Christian New Media Awards today. I wasn’t able to attend. But by the power of twitter, I had endless offerings on my timeline.  Major thanks to all who tweeted and shared their favourite parts of todays conference. ‘Re-imagining Church’ was the theme.

Here’s some entirely out of context quotes, that I appreciated!

In the 14th Century the Organ was known as the Devil’s Bagpipes. Perspective!?
Put relationships before rules … Things will tend to fall into place .. Power of vulnerability … Become accountable…
Jesus always invites us to an eschatological understanding of what it means to reimagine church.
Social media taught us what we already knew – vulnerability is powerful
Social media seduces us with the illusion of our own omnipresence
In the early days church was a verb it wasn’t a noun. It was about being, doing, acting
If something not prayed for or followed up where’s the benefit
In the midst of this digital age how do we help people meet God? Jo Cox – That’s what it’s all about! It’s not about being trendy!
Apparently salvation isn’t by Apple Mac alone. Ooh the controversy!
Once people are intrigued by the Christian faith they need a real community to belong to.
A life lived online can be like the pastoral goldfish bowl on speed!
We must beware of confusing followship with fellowship, I think.
When it comes to pastoral care proximity isn’t enough, it must be authentic too. Don’t be an imposter pastor
Digital pastoral care will only be s good as the care intended by the care giver
“Technology has become the architect of our intimacies,……yet God is the real architect of our intimacies”
Stick to being your true voice, not what’s the “in thing”, maintain passion rather than blogging because you have to!
Church has to be ahead of the game with social media…the new town square
How does incarnational theology and digital discipleship fit together?
“Email is doomed as a marketing tool!”
In the church we are more defined by what we stand against and not what we stand for
“the whole point of blogging is that it’s a work in progress”
“The church is the primary media domain of God.”
Retweeting not repetition. Its amplification. We can do same for gospel.
Fear can often dictate when it comes to social media in churches
“Your world may change but the word of God never changes”.
Here’s the best, most simple explanation of hermeneutics I’ve heard: “hermeneutics is what Jesus is doing on the road to Emmaus”
We’ve been told to be salt and light. To preserve, irritate, cleanse, illuminate.
Without vision the people perish, without resources, the vision perishes
“The digital age is unchartered territory for the Church. But these are not unchartable waters.”
Good advice. Don’t share pictures of Jesus cuddling a lamb!!
We are commissioned to preach the gospel, not just in church, but we need to connect to where people really are.