Today’s reading is from Luke 21 v 29-33 It’s a less-than-obvious one, and not an easy one!
Preferences abound, in life, in community, in food and in our churches. So would it be jaffa cakes or fig rolls if you had free pick?!

Here is the invitation to know what is going on. As the budding of the trees indicates that summer is near, so the occurring of these signs indicates the Lord’s soon return.
God is keeping His promises and that His Word will not fail. The timely and the eternal are here before us.
We are to know and watch. We are to be alert.

We wait with perseverance for the liberation of humanity and of nature. Discernment and application really matter…. Romans 8 v 22-25. Revelation 22 v 20.

The Lord wants us to be filled with joyful anticipation for His coming.

Questions for reflection
Jesus asks us to look at the fig tree to contemplate the phenomena of nature. In my life have I already learnt something contemplating nature?
Jesus says: “The sky and earth will pass, but my words will not pass”. How do I embody in my life these words of Jesus?
Do you read the “signs of the times” and do you pray for God’s kingdom to be fully revealed?