from that most awkward Jesus-talk.
Matthew 5.
The sermon on the mount.

David Lloyd-Jones suggests, every follower of Jesus must question their desires:-

“Are we ruled by Christ? Is He our King and our Lord? Are we manifesting these qualities in our daily lives? Is it our ambition to do so? Do we see that this is what we are meant to be? Are we truly blessed? Are we happy? Have we been filled? Have we got peace?…If I do not want to be like this, I must be ‘dead in trespasses and sins’; I can never have received new life. But if I feel that I am unworthy I may be, if this is my desire and my ambition, there must be new life in me, I must be a child of God, I must be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and of God’s dear Son. Let everyone examine themselves.”