“Egypt was the memorial stadium of the ancient world: clean boundaries, set rules, a clear separation between the players (the royal house) and the spectators (everyone else), all the gods in picture form so that everyone knew who was who (you can’t tell the players without a programme), and, above all, numbers- everything can be accounted for by geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic. Straight lines. Sharp angles. Statistics.

Not that there are no clarities in the life of faith. There are. Vast, soaring harmonies; deep, satisfying meanings; rich, textured experiences. They cannot be imposed from without. They cannot be hurried. It is not a matter of hurriedly arranging “dead things into a dead mosaic, but living forces into a great equilibrium.” The clarities of faith are organic and personal , not mechanical and institutional. Faith invades the muddle; it does not eliminate it…Such clarities come from adventuring deep into the mysteries of God’s will and love, not by cautiously managing and moralising in ways that minimise risk and guarantee self importance”

Eugene Peterson, Run with the Horses.