This is one of best reads from this quarter. It’s 5-star stuff, and an ideal Christmas gift read. It’s an ideal catalyst to a renewed way of faith and action that will energise your life and ultimately honour God. Here’s my review of it.

“This is a pacey, engaging and thoroughly challenging book from the pacey, engaging and thoroughly challenging Malcolm Duncan. This is a great gift for the resourcing and renewal of the local church. The memorable line from this title that best captures sums it up for me is this:- “The unpredictable Spirit invites us to an adventure of faith.” This is what we can so easily stray from. This Holy Spirit adventure is what is detailed in a brilliant and compelling way.

The concepts, scripture, stories and inspiration are well constructed regarding eight well themed big-ideas that will have us more accurately live an Acts-style faith. This is a robust sweep of risks that we need to repeatedly engage with so that we might be renewed and rooted just as God has always intended for us.

Risks are invited and fears are detailed with parity and wisdom. Obedience, faith and depth are invited, and I found this an even better read on the second visit. Safety never should trump obedience to God. And here’s the fuel for that kind of living.

Classic fire for the belly, prompts for action, and encouragement for your spirit. It’s a helpful resource for the hungry or plain-stuck Christian!”