Today’s gospel reading is from Matthew 15 v 29-39.

It’s the intriguing and lesser known feeding of the four thousand. With lots that is distinctive and inspiring. It’s challenged me again about the trustworthiness of God’s word. It’s called me back to God’s heart for difference, outsider and those not inclined to our way of thinking. Jesus brings a unique welcome, capacity and love.

This is an invitation to encounter the compassion and miraculous power of Jesus today.
Jesus displaying practical love and commitment to all people groups.

Anticipation meets compassion. Need finds provision.
Unbelief gets challenged. Confidence in God increases. So do we trust His love for us enough to yield ourselves completely to Him?
God is more than enough, for our need.

So don’t forget the power of Jesus.
Don’t forget the compassion of Jesus.
Don’t forget to trust Him to provide for your every need.