Increasingly I love a decent written-down prayer! I’m drawn to the repeated challenge of the Psalms. And Psalm 146 is part of our lot today. Like many of the Psalms around, it offers the unavoidable words of invitation:- “Praise the Lord!”

Praising God is more than just thanking God. It’s adoration of who He is. We are called back to what all too easily forgotten in our lives.

Anyhow, here’s the outline that I’m preaching today. Here’s what I believe Psalm 146 offers for us:-
Life means praising God (see verse 1–2)
Life means trusting God (see verse 3–6)
Life means loving God (see verse 7–9)
Life means reigning with God (see verse 10)

Praising God, discerning his presence and activity, goes a long way in learning how He works and avoiding reading our meaning into His words. This is enough encouragement for today.