Advent hope is the theme of our exploration in Acts 1v1-11 today. It finds me holding to the weighty goodness of Gods word for me. His faithfulness, his grace and that He cannot and will not fail. This is my teaching outline, for this morning…….

“Standing on the promises that cannot fail….”
Isaiah 14v24, Psalm 145v13

So, what are at least three of the promises of Jesus, seen here?

1. The promise of the Holy Spirit.
Acts 1 v 4, Joel 2 v 28-29 and John 7 v 38-39.

2. The promise of power!
Acts 1 v 8, Ephesians 3 v 16-20 and 2 Timothy 1 v 7.

3. Jesus is going to return.
Acts 1 v 11, John 14 v 1-3 and I Peter 3 v 9-14

Stand on the promises of Jesus. When everything else wobbles, He is trustworthy.
Encounter the ‘strong confidence’ of the gospel again.
Re-engage with the hope that will never fail.