The pattern of Christmas Eve brings us close again to the beauty and mystery of John 1 v 1-14.

For ‘in the beginning was the Word.’ In the beginning was communication. God’s unspoilt desire that we might know each other.
God is always in communion. Three in one, infinite and personal ; sharing in love and in the joy of creation.

Welcoming, vulnerable, loving…….God.
The Word is made flesh and lives with us. Here. If you have been sold a dream of Christmas, you haven’t heard the whole story.

The Word is eternally God.
The Word is equally God.
The Word is essentially God.

Just as you and I believe in the light……
Would you believe in the person of Jesus?
He is the Son of God, God Himself.
He is the Creator of the world.
He is the Originator of Life and Light.

“We behold his glory, the glory as of a Father’s only son
Full of grace and truth.”