“For those who feel their lives are a grave disappointment to God, it requires enormous trust and reckless, raging confidence to accept that the love of Jesus Christ knows no shadow of alteration or change. When Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy burdened,” He assumed we would grow weary, discouraged, and disheartened along the way. These words are a touching testimony to the genuine humanness of Jesus. He had no romantic notion of the cost of discipleship. He knew that following Him was as unsentimental as duty, as demanding as love.” Brennan Manning

1 Light-hearted pastor gimmicks right?, Factual London cost and  good-spirited London angst!
“Leadership is a real tedious endeavour. Efficiency is not leadership.” Nancy Ortberg here with some leadership gems.
3 “Jesus didn’t hide his vulnerability and need. He was thirsty and the well was deep.” Power, status and being human explored well in this LICC e-bulletin.
4 Steven Pressfield, calling and putting your life where your heart longs to be. Explored here.
5 “Beloved. Be loved. Just sit and be loved. Even if it hurts. Just sit and be loved and be the beloved of God. For this is what pleases Him. Amen” This from Pastrix Pastor.