whats been occurring in these last few days…….

I can confirm that removal men all drink tea with two sugars. Regularly.
Coaching and cheering on some of the brightest talent. Humbled.
Bending metal in unexpected ways. The wrath of DIY and all that.
When you don’t live in the city. It’s properly quiet. In a good way.
Re-imagining old bits and same pictures in different places, with different light. Quite something.
Thumbing through great books that I really appreciate as my companions on the journey.
Somethings a little uttered screech can relieve all the tension!
Am feeling a cultural philistine for not having seen more than five-minutes of the Winter Olympics, apart from this gem!
Not being one who keeps all the packaging and boxes of things. Especially when your darling wife does.
In a time of relocation however much stuff we have, is always too much stuff.
When officiating at a funeral this week, I was unable to persuade the crematorium to permit me have the family light a candle. To think that heat would be a health and safety matter. Utter fail.
We’re facing a viewing dip-ahead, as Julie and I are come to the end of series two of The Newsroom. Will McAvoy and friends, please return to us soon…….
When sending your friends an update email with the subject line, ‘the man in the purple says’ it will get spammed. Oh yes.
Lots of fresh thinking, clean air, blue skies and mending hearts.
And Psalm 112 v 4 ‘Even in darkness, light dawns for the upright, for those who are gracious and compassionate and righteous.’