I’m preaching today on the beautiful priorities of loving God and loving others. Another massive, but never-preached passage. It’s a shortie in time, but it’s implications are really big! And this is what I closed off with.

1. The way home is really love.
2. Persevere with people. Help them see beyond the struggle in the moment.
3. The simplicity and purity of the gospel is to love others passionately and love God beautifully.
4. Begin with the end in mind. Leave behind a legacy by thinking about life in eternal ways.
5. Live life less cautiously.
6. Dare to be a cheerleader – a perpetual encourager.
7. Don’t hold your fist tightly; be generous.
8. Open your hand, give whatever is within your reach.
9. Rejoice with others!!!
10. Be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ on this earth (love the poor; listen to the lonely; share His wild redemption).
11. Tangibly honour others….yes inconvenience yourself.
12. Know that joy can be found in the darkest of moments.
13. Live a life that will make a difference and will one-day leave a hole.

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