“Grace sets the Christian faith apart from every other world religion. What is grace? Simply put, grace is God’s unmerited favour. You cannot earn grace; you cannot do anything to deserve grace. It is simply God doing something for you with no strings attached. God’s grace is solely motivated by love: deep, abiding, unconditional, sacrificial love.” Warren Wiersbe

1 Sam Storms on forty years of pastoral ministry. Lots of wisdom here.
2 John Piper’s timeless talk about running with the witnesses. Audio recording & transcript here.
3 Barbara Brown Taylor interviewed and powerfully exploring darkness. For “darkness is the contrast to light, not there to annhilate it.”
4 Paula Gooder on Jesus, the disciple-maker. Twenty-minutes of EA resource goodness.
5 Re-imagining fresh ways to tell a story. Donald Miller creative best here.