today and everyday matters. Today found me team-teaching as part of a worship series. It’s asked lots of me, and stirred up one of the better facebook threads. There’s lots that I found, asked and re-affirmed as I prepared this talk. I’ll post the audio, asap.
Or as A. W. Tozer said it, “Without worship, we go about miserable.”

Here’s a prayer I scribbled in my journal in the preparation. “Lord, I haven’t really considered how much I treasure  things (yes go on:-name them!) and how it has divided my loyalty to you and caused me to often be at work against you rather than with you. Please continue to help me see that you are my greatest treasure and that my heart is most at home with you.”

And here’s a bundle of the articles and threads to my preparation that never were going to make it to Sunday! Killer capitalism, Alex Absalom’s great article on the cost to missional life when we pursue worship excellence, Chris Rowney’s great five post blog summary about healthy worship, and not performancism please, worship leaders. And yes this is parody, may be a giggle but we know that stuff: don’t we?

So may your heart be renewed, may it sing and the worship of your life, radically resize everything else in your world. 

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