I unpacked a little of Genesis 41 v 1-41 today. It’s a great mix of fatted calves, grain options, dreams and all else. And no I didn’t linger too much with this but amidst my raw reflections there’s much about faithfulness,  direction, dreams, and more than a few bumps along the way. My three big ideas were these…..

1 Surrender afresh to God’s will. v 1-24
2 Speak of God’s work. v 25-32
3 Serve with God’s wisdom. v 33-41

Here were some of my outtakes; Julie says I preached like I really believe them!

“God’s plan transcends all else. But it is still tied to concrete action.” Walter Bruggeman 

I am His and He can use me, no matter what.

Not so much praying – ‘Lord deliver me from this place’ but ‘Lord use me in this place!’

Grace isn’t a cheat card, so we duck goodness. For goodness is a manifestly important quality. It’s intrinsic to our witness. Its ‘fruit of the spirit’ important!

All things are the property of God for the calling He has for you and I in Christ Jesus.

Josephs faith in God was strengthened, his belief in humanity genuine and his patience was rewarded.

“If I’m going to be ruined …. at least let me be ruined for a good cause!” Kay Warren  

Prison didn’t cause Joseph to doubt, distrust or deny God.

It’s always a matter of timing. For patience is often the intersection of God’s wisdom and our limited capacity to trust.

So can God trust you with influence?

“What if the trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?” Laura Story. 

Here is the link to the talk from Kay Warren that I referenced: ‘Be gloriously ruined for the cause of Jesus.’ And the song that I used for reflection and response. Surrender, speak and serve: could be a worthy approach to so very much. 

So thank you Joseph. Thank you Holy Spirit.