I used the questions below, again this week while working with a great local church as they engaged with change and fresh possibilities. OK that’s code for uncertainty and discomfort, initially. But as they started to map things out…..it was incredible, how quickly things moved in 90mins. Faster paced and more hopeful than all the English World Cup efforts!

So here I post these for you. These are a great mix of questions and provocations to engage with greater health in our church communities.

“1. How “energised by faith” do you think we are?
2. How much of an “outward-looking” focus do we have?
3. How well do we seek to find out what God wants?
4. How do we face the cost of change and growth?
5. How well do we operate as a loving community?
6. How inclusive are we; do we make room for all?
7. How focused are we, do we do few things well or are we frenetic?”*

*From “The Health Churches Handbook” by Robert Warren

And I’d often hold these against these score possibilities.
1. Weak & holding us back
2. Only a few signs
3. Some evidence of this
4. Making progress
5. Evidence of much of this
6. This is a strength

So how many 6’s? Or how many 4’s? Health is what matters……