This is a top class compilation of the best of Gospel-Centred Discipleship resources. This is a rare and significant volume addressing three layers of discipleship; making disciples, maturing disciples, and multiplying disciples. Though rooted in an American and conservative context, there is much for rich and full application for all who read this.

I found the chapters on gospel hospitality, five boldness-increasing questions, facing our identity-issues, eight characteristics of sanctification and five lies that kill obedience, were particularly striking and of challenging benefit to my own walk with Jesus.

There is a pithy punch to the brevity of each of these chapters, and probably my only complaint, is inversely a compliment. More words from each authorial voice in each chapter might have added more value and encouragement in seeing each of these principles lived out. More work around definition and introduction might also have added to this significant volume, but the impact on rooted, identity-redeemed, renewed living is confidently articulated. This is a compelling vision and worthy of your best attention.

A closing reminder from one of the writers: “The transformation the church needs is the kind that results from beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” So let this further fuel faithful and fruitful discipleship.