Here’s some of my summer reading sugguestions in the light of Krish’s provocation.

Desiring the Kingdom by JB Smith, is long overdue. Lots of pals have recommended it. And I have so loved his Good and Beautiful trilogy.

Forty ways to look at Winston Churchill by Gretchin Rubin. Well simply because everything Rubin writes is worth reading. Insight, pace and brilliance, so am looking forward to this one.

The Fabric of faithfulness, by Steven Garber. Belief and behaviour woven here, and it’s a important looking IVP title. Cant wait to rummage with the big ideas of this.

Do / Purpose by David Hieatt, as his blog is epic and his creative output quite something. This seems a truly great brand counsel, story and purpose. A beautiful and inspiring title. 

An infinite journey by Andrew M Davis, looks like a substantive pathway into Christlikeness. What could be more

And I’ve got some Dallas Willard, Archibald Hart, Jonathan Martin and Eugene Peterson to re-read. Yes….. I’ve still gotta get better at my novel-reading ratio’s so I’d love to hear your sugguestions. What are you looking forward to read?