What is it you do?
What is your routine with God?

We’ve all known the guilt, and pressure and duty in those ‘quiet-time’ routines.
Someone I met this week, courageously spoke of reading the bible in ninety days. Years ago I would have felt a crippling sense of inferiority! I’m really not that kind of reader, I’d fail miserably days into that kind of routine, but perhaps most of all that kind of approach doesn’t nurture sustainable life-giving faith.

Here’s it said even better from John Ortberg’s, newest book – Soul Keeping 

“A common problem is that people think of spiritual practices as obligations that will actually drain them. Sometimes I may need to engage in a practice like giving generously, or serving humbly, which my sinful side resists. But generally I need to engage with practices that connect me to God’s grace and energy and joy. That might be going to the ocean, listening to glorious music, being with life-giving friends, taking a long-hike – doing them with Jesus. The test of a sustaining spiritual practice is: Does it fill you with grace for life?”