Again in a Q-&-A at a recent church weekend, I found myself encouraging people to keep on ‘turning up.’ Old wisdom says, “90% of life is simply showing up.” I get that.

But what about the things that we don’t want to show up to, but we have to?  Or the things that we do want to do, but are afraid to begin?

I want to encourage you to show up consistently and see what God does as a result. Just begin. Just show up and start. Show up and ask God to guide you as you go. 

In those times, as I begin by putting one foot in front of the other. I battle with the desire to immediately want to quit. Every single time I find that if I make myself show up and push through for long enough, something good happens. God’s favour and help is seen.

Even when we think we have nothing to offer, when we simply show up and are willing, God blesses the little that we do have and multiples it, just like He did with the fishes and the loaves.

There is always enough when God wants to give something away through us. There will always be enough when it comes from His hand.

+ What do you need to show up to today in your life?

+What are you running from that you need to face and begin?

Make a decision today to offer up your ‘not enough’ to God and see how He will multiply it and make it ‘enough’, simply because you were willing to show up. Being ‘light’ takes no striving. We simply show up. So keep on turning up, in His strength.


*artwork from the brilliant Neil Haas.