“Making shelter for Jesus” is the compelling invitation of Richard Rohr’s new title, Eager to Love. It constructs pathways and meeting points with God, offered alongside a unique encounter with Francis of Assisi and the invitation to wholeness. Rohr with deft touch and insight offers us fresh ways, that are free of ‘shoulds and musts’.

Some of the detailed work with language and concepts is particularly helpful, if uncomfortable in its reach and implications. There is plenty of paradox with edgy fresh interpretation in this mix of scripture, psychology and creativity. Feminine spirituality is reasoned, and as ever the prophetic nature of Rohr’s voice is restated. I found the engagement with room, fullness and emptiness particularly striking. I’d dare to say this will enlarge your grasp of the world and engage your heart in new ways.

Hodder and Stoughton have collaborated with Rohr in resourcing us with rich content in an attractive format. All in all, another Rohr gem which places our minds before the mirror of eternity. Whether it stirs up renewed Franciscan interest is by the by. It fuels a greater gratitude for, ‘God’s eternal eagerness to love’ and for that I am thankful.