I’ve still not got my head around the most intensive rummage I’ve had with the book of Galatians. This was a rare and helpful in-depth study last week. There were helpful detailed blog summaries from Robin Ham in particular. And on the last morning Douglas Moo offered the briefest and best application of Galatians for practical pastoral ministry. He offered these headlines from a crumpled lined page of foolscap and I found these some of the most compelling insights. For scripture comes alive in application with real people and real need.

Here’s what I scribbled down:-
This is an important theological book offering a vital Christian worldview.
Here is a place to see the sweep of God’s purpose.
There’s a detailed justification and it’s implications.
Successful pastoral ministry involves a deep sense of God, communicating well and applying carefully.
The gospel is deeply relevant, but it’s a struggle for cheap and quick application.
Identifying threats to the gospel in our own context, is important.
It’s not about a ‘big tent approach’ but do we know where we draw the lines?
We must know theology, grow passion and care deeply.
How do we help others know the life of the Holy Spirit?
Continue on well in the path known……..and don’t do it by the flesh.
It’s not a matter of justification by faith, and sanctification by struggle.
Its grace and faith all the way.
Beware of “spiritual restlessness.” The gospel can easily come to an ‘old tired story.’
Be fresh and creative in our faithfulness, and rooted in a deep confidence in the Holy Spirit.