In any creative enterprise there are risks, and false-starts resulting in glorious and rare fruit, often unseen elsewhere. Manchester has known the gift of the Message Trust, and God’s honour has been seen in the mix of this gritty, consistent movement of changed lives. The unrelenting faith of a life sent on purpose is portrayed in inspiring terms here. The parallel pathway of Isaiah and northern mission finds rootedness in the pursuit of God, holiness, service and transformation in this world.

Scripture, stories, creativity and journal space give this new title and range of publications, lots of capacity to inspire ongoing urban mission.

This is a title, packed with earthy stories of presence, sacrifice and transformation. What’s not to love about seeing the gospel in action, and this pacy twelve-chapter resource will add fresh energy to the cause of Christ.

Faith and action are best seen together. And this is a great encouragement in uncommon grace and lives given over to all that Jesus wants. Congratulations to Andy Hawthorne and Alistair Metcalfe in the delivery of this attractive and inspiring resource. It’s a refreshing read about the scale of the gospel, the delight of service and the difference that Jesus longs to bring. Top class stuff.