Being present,
and being still, is a serious challenge.
It’s never more challenging to hold our ears to God in a bombarding culture. We can twitch more than think. We can consume more than consider. It’s a uniquely distinct time in which we’re to navigate what it might look like to be in this world, but not of it. 

Here are six brilliant questions from Tony Reinke from an interesting interview with David Wells and Douglas Groothius reflecting on our ‘socially’ media driven-world. He offers these six questions to gauge how our iPhones are changing us!

“Am I becoming like what I behold in my iPhone? Are my face-to-face relationships conforming to modes of communication that are shaped by my online habits?

Am I overlooking my finiteness? I am  severely limited in what I can know and what I can read and what I engage and what I can care about. Do I fear being left behind on what’s trending online right now?

Am I multitasking priorities that should be uni-tasked. Specifically is my time with God being distracted and even being replaced by digital interruptions?

Am I deleting my embodiment? Do I truly value the personal, face-to-face relationships in my life over the disembodied relationships I maintain online? Are my face-to-face relationships with my neighbour, my family and friends suffering as a result?

Am I losing interest in the gathered church on Sunday? Does it feel less than vital. Do you value the embodied reality that is your local church? Or do I fiddle looking for something more entertaining?

Am I careless with my words? It’s easy for my words to be published online. So what self-imposed limitations do I have to filter what I say and do I have any accountability in my life for what I say online?”