five on Friday

“In periods of rapid personal change, we pass through life as though we are spellcast. We speak in sentences that end before finishing. We sleep heavily because we need to ask so many questions as we dream alone. We bump into others and feel bashful at recognizing souls so similar to ourselves.” Douglas Coupland, in Shampoo Planet.

1 JD Greear’s article on seeing pain through.
2 “Everything that you and I want, lies on the other side of fear.” Interesting quotes for entrepreneurial types.
3 David Hieatt’s solid counsel, ‘turn off the internet more.’ Wisely said.
The cleansing power of Coca-Cola. Terrifyingly true. I must. I have. I will continue to reduce my intake! 
5 Sally Breen’s take on houses, and home. Realism and the gospel promises.