Henri Nouwen writes potently…..Perhaps like me you’ve never heard or seen him speak, then let me forward the invite of a dear friend, to watch & listen here. It’s an eight-parter: but utterly worth it.  Here are some of the most striking bits for me!

The voice that calls you ‘beloved’ us the voice that loves first.
Love and wounds are never separate.
Our ‘chosen-ness’ is for the sake of others!
Dare to put your brokenness under the blessing of God.
Suffer and so enter the blessing of God. It’s not easy, but this is the call.
‘Where in my day was I ….chosen/blessed/broken & given? ‘
My little life does not end on the day I die.
There is no fruitfulness without my dying.
Live to be food and drink for others.
The call of the beloved, is what prayer is all about.
Discover your own poverty & know that the voice of the beloved says, ‘Don’t be afraid!’
Be amongst the fellowship of the weak……
An obedient person is someone who can listen to the voice of the beloved!