from this week, that made me smile…..

Fleshy motivation giving way to sight & Jesus showing the way through.
How much God’s word blesses, nags & provokes my own soul.
How learning godly trust is more satisfying than my best striving.
The outrage about U2’s latest offering. It’s really not like a thief broke into your house and put the album in your computer. Receive the gift of their genius…… receive it, if you wish!
How rich Colossians 3 is. You could dwell in this for a very long time….
Elementary is a decent series, Common Prayer is really helpful, and Desiring the Kingdom is a book well worth re-reading, slowly.
How good a humble breakfast muesli can be when pimped with decent sultanas and other bits!
My children’s instagram genius. That’s funny.
And grace will keep on being the theme of my life. And I am (forever) grateful.

whatever you do……jpg