“You said, how much?!” is what I called my talk from Matthew 20 today. I was cornered again by the impact that grace makes. Heres the audio file.

The parable of the vineyard workers is a deeply unlikeable & profound gospel challenge! The kingdom of God, is not founded on the quality of the people in it, but on the unrestrained and lavish mercy of the God who came and got us. Maybe you & I will only get this story if we embrace grace.

It’s about perceived justice, earning & mostly grace.
Attitudes are key.…..for the Rewarder should be enough to fill our hearts, not the reward. For Jesus is enough.
Grace-inspired gratitude & service matter.

Kirkegaard, Eckhart, Luther and Yancey were some of my inspiration in this preach on possibly the most difficult parable. I battered out almost 9,000 words in earlier prep, but only preached for a brief 27 minutes today.

So go on, here’s to loving with a daring generosity and unrelenting grace.
And yes,…… thank you Lord Jesus for your all-time, undeserved, all-sufficient grace.