I continue to be asked about what constitutes my discipleship and ongoing formation. One invaluable part of my routine for almost sixteen years has been a spiritual director. The accountability, depth, insight and fellowship of these times remains….Sister Theresa played a precious part of this in my life for a clutch of those years…..here pictured with my son Noah some time ago. Our times were fuelled by questionable instant-coffee, ginger nut biscuits and sincere prayerfulness of heart.
Here are some of the scribbles from the journals of that time…..
  1. Bone-china mugs make any hot drink taste better.
  2. Times that are free of suffering are opportunities to reach out to those in times of suffering.
  3. Times of suffering are opportunities to glorify God and grow the most. You’re never meant to enjoy them, and sometimes they last a long time!
  4. Wisdom chooses silence over speech more often than not.
  5. Anger unaddressed, poisons every area of life.
  6. Funny birthday cards are silly. Just say what you mean!
  7. If you ever start to believe that people cannot change, it’s time to get out of ministry.
  8. See more in people than they see in themselves. Trust your intuition, even if all around is doubt.
  9. Use simple words to express yourself. Speak plainly. It helps to think for awhile before you speak.
  10. Linger near death, for out of it will flow resurrection life and undefeatable hope.
  11. It is wiser to be an asker of questions than a teller of answers.
  12. We are all God’s favourites, right!?