Group cycling, aka spinning is a reflection of the fall…..but it’s working for me in a love-hate kind of way.

The opposite of transformation is probably transaction. And we’re made for so much more than this……
A church that tries to recruit, offering the details of 69 planned management mtgs per year, will understandably struggle to attract Acts 2 ministry.
And the church that can’t detail in a few sentences what it’s looking for, won’t help in producing a 36-page profile.
Devil’s Knot is a haunting movie, Simplify is classic Bill Hybel’s wisdom, I want to have the gravel of the *new Leonard Cohen sounds when I grow older & The New Parish is a really important book exploring place, mission & discipleship.
I’m just praying and believing that a grace awakening will bring lasting change.
The north provided rain, strong tea, and labelled sandwiches made up in a brown paper bag. Top class.
Did I say I really miss snacking on Cadburys *treats!?
And my favourite over-hear exiting the afore-mentioned exercise class: “Now I can go eat a big slice of cake!” Not the finest moment of free-will ever, but……. go on enjoy that piece of cake, it’s the weekend!